Glamorous Glitter Tattoos

Do you like all the glam and bling that makes you stand out in the crowd? Join the latest rage in one of the most popular temporary body art in the world…. Glitter Tattoos.

Glitter tattoos have their own special place in the entertainment world. Face Painting Illusions, based in Salt Lake City, Utah with another location in Sandy, Utah, can create these special tats with the most recent version of the Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine. We can create the design you want and transfer them to a special paper used to apply the glue and glitter. These tats last from 3-7 days if well cared for (pat the design and don’t rub it), and are excellent for swim parties or anywhere water exists, because of the special hypoallergenic surgical adhesive used to hold the varied, colored glitter onto the design. The glue is also non-toxic, latex-free which is gentle and specifically made for use on the skin. It is easy to take the tat off with rubbing alcohol on a washcloth or a cotton ball.

We need advanced notice for the specific design that you would like at your event. You can submit a .jpg file of the design you would like to turn into a stencil. If the design isn’t doable, we’ll consult with you for an alternative.


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