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Face painting has been around for a long time

It has been used in a variety of countries, and used for different purposes. Face painting is applying FDA approved paint to the faces of individuals. The youngest person to be painted was a 1 year old. The oldest I have personally painted was 92 years old. For us, face painting is for fun events like birthday parties, festivals, carnivals, reunions, grand openings, private events, fundraisers, and business advertisement. The latest craze is for events like Comic Con, recently held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fabulous Face Painting  (Call 801-554-2364; Email)

With our experience of 12 years, we can create whole-face, intricate designs. Some of these designs have been used in school plays, and could be used in the Broadway play Cats. Our other designs include princess crowns, holiday designs (Halloween is very popular!), angels, flowers, sport balls, batman and spiderman, and other heroes (Marvel); different animal designs such as bears, tigers and cheetahs; birds, masks, insects, bunny rabbits, butterflies, sport teams, clowns, food, movie characters, devil, dinosaurs, sea animals, symbols….tribal designs. The list is endless!

It is not only our experience but our training that makes us stand out. We have been trained by national artists such as Paschur, Jay Bautista, Mark Reid and Marcela Murad. Most recently we were taught by Ronnie Menna. His work is vibrant and carefully crafted. We learn how to blend colors to create impressive “eye candy” as well as the placement of specific lines on the body, with specific brushes and sponges.

We are often asked, “How do I take the paint off?” Put them in the shower 😀 It is easy to remove. Because the majority of the paint is water based – it comes off with soap and water. Some of the paints have strong pigments in them. If you have a stubborn stain, try using makeup remover or an oil based product. You should have no problem!