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Party Planning and Event Consulting: 2014-2016

“Each year, in and around the Sandy area, the Sandy Award Program chooses only the best local businesses. We focus on companies that have demonstrated their ability to use various marketing methods to grow their business in spite of difficult economic times.”

“The companies chosen exemplify the best of small business; often leading                                                             through customer service and community involvement.”


Public Appearances

Face Painting Illusions in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an integral part of providing the fun and entertainment for events along the Wasatch Front such as the Safe Kids Fair, water conservation both in drinking water and in our lakes, fundraisers for charity, celebrations for one year of life for premies, and enjoyable entertainment at events like the Cornbelly Maze at Thanksgiving Point, The Utah State Fair, and our very own Jazz basketball team. All five major news networks, and KOSY 106.5 radio station, have asked our assistance to highlight these very important events in our lives in an enjoyable and delightful way.

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Thank You so much for coming to our party!!! You were incredible! Your artwork was fantastic and you worked so quickly…even providing some touch-ups. Absolutely amazing. Secretly, I think my husband wanted to keep his on forever!! :o) At the end, the kids were so excited to take a balloon sculpture home…I swear that each of them had at least 2 in their hands as they left. [My daughter] absolutely loves her special Little Mermaid. She wanted to send a special thank you note, if you have a mailing address we can send it to.

Thanks again!!!!
Most appreciatively,


Outstanding talent! Everyone loved Katie. So talented and great with kids. Will hire again.
– Jocelyn K


Emily was at a vendor event and did a beautiful design on my daughter’s face. I took her card, but lost in among the other things we did that day. However, we were blessed to find her again at a friend’s party, and we are so happy to be in touch with her and her great talent! I would recommend her to everyone, and have every confidence that she is the very best in our area.  Call us:  (801)554-2364     Email us:

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