Stunning Airbrush

 Face Painting Illusions, an entertainment company in Utah, can add another dimension to your parties, especially for the pre-teen, “tween”, and young adults at your events. That’s not to say adults or little kids wouldn’t want it too!      Call us at 801-554-2364 or email us.

Temporary tatAirbrush Temporary Tattoostoos allow the flexibility of having fun, but not the permanence of a real tattoo. Airbrushing is the art of applying paint through a small, air-operated tool referred to as a “gun”. It applies the paint by a process of nebulization. Air is compressed through the cord and through the tube, while the nozzle sucks up the paint from the receptacle attached either at the base of the gun or as a top-loader. There is a fine mist of paint that produces an extremely soft edged coloration unlike the use of a brush.

Airbrush Temporary TattoosFace Painting Illusions uses an alcohol-based paint that allows the temporary tattoo to last up to two weeks. Avoiding products that have alcohol in them, such as perfume or deodorant, will help it last longer. If the tat comes in contact with such products, it will take it off. Rubbing on the tat will also take it off. We apply the paint with a dual engine compressor. This powerful compressor allows two operators at one time. This is really useful for large events and limited time. The brand of guns we use are the Iwata-Medea Eclipse Series and the Badger.

We are mobilized in a self-contained unit so the set up is quick, compact and efficient.


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Airbrush (Temporary Tattoos) Self Contained Setup. Face Painting Illusions and Balloon Art, Utah
Murray High School Graduation Event With Air Brushing
Murray High School Graduation Event With Air Brushing